Walk for Values

To cultivate and reinforce the human values on children, “Walk for Values” program was conducted by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization (SSSSO) Palakkad, on 20.12.2015 at Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad. The function was inaugurated by Palakkad Municipal Chair-person Smt. Prameela Sasidharan in the presence of SSSSO State Vice President Sri.A M.Prabhakaran and District President Sri.A V. Suresh Kumar.



The human value resource person Preeth Bhaskar from Idukki district delivered an eloquent speech on “Know God Know Mother”. According to him only motherhood can gift the children with values like forbearance, compassion and wisdom.

State Vice President Sri.A.M.Prabhakaran shared his thoughts on empowering the young minds with moral ideas through Balvikas. He also encouraged children to become an ideal citizen for serving our society. District President Sri. A.V.Sureshkumar of SSSSO presided over the function. He also addressed the audience and conveyed his wishes.

The events of the day long program included cultural programs like Drama, Mime and Dance. Balvikas students brought up their excellence on their cultural performance. The Kollengode Balvikas students shined as different purana characters in the play named ‘Shivapurana’. The hats-off performance was the Mime on ‘If Gandhi Returns’ by Elappully Higher Secondary School. Mind-blowing ‘Dasavatharam’ dance performance was given by Cheruppulasseri Balvikas students. The effort taken by the gurus and parents were exemplary. The whole event turned out very delightful.

Balvikas students enthusiastically rallied through Palakkad town holding pluck cards bearing value based quotes. The proclamation by the rally students magnetized the people of Palakkad. Mangal Arthi gave the divine and full-fledged conclusion of this program.