Village Integrated Program

Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme has its genesis from the infinite compassion of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba towards the poor, downtrodden, ignorant and innocent people living in the villages. On the auspicious day of Ugadi (Telugu New Year Day) 2007, Bhagawan announced the launch of a new service activity directed towards transformation of villages. After initiating and sustaining several service activities for the betterment of the poorer sections of the society, Bhagawan in His Ugadi message stressed the importance of holistic service activities directed towards village uplift. Bhagawan underscored the importance of an integrated approach to service for offering lasting and sustainable solutions to the various problems afflicting different sections of society.

The Sai Organisation in different States of India are undertaking varied activities in villages like teaching the rural children, giving them hygiene tips thereby helping them to lead a healthy life and giving them medical care with the help of trained doctors

The Sevadals visit villages and educate them on scientific methods to be followed in agriculture which will help them to get better yield. They also construct schools and bus shelters. Every month Amruta Kalasams (food provisions) are distributed to households in villages, they provide the villagers with woollen blankets during winters, distribute Saris, Dhotis, Shirts and Trousers during different occasions. The Sevadals also give sewing machines, conduct vocational training to village children, and give them computer education, thereby helping them to earn their livelihood. The Sevadals also hold competitions for village children like Cricket and Volleyball tournaments. They also construct temples and help them to celebrate different festivals and conduct Bhajans.

The yeoman service of the Sevadals does not stop with these activities. In many states they go all out to the help of unfortunate brethren in times of calamities like floods, earthquakes, fire mishaps and train accidents. There have been many instances when the Sevadals distributed food, clothes and constructed shelters for affected victims.

There is also a wing called Sri Sathya Sai Techno E-Media Group (Technology for Service) which uses reliable and proven technology for implementation in service activities. They apply such technology that is simple and cost effective in the services which are already being conducted.

Bhagawan always said, “Our Gramseva Activity should be focused on holistic development of the family and thereby of the village, district and the state.” This same principle has been applied to bring forth transformation in SSSVIP villages thereby making each village a “Nirmal Gram” i.e. an ideal village where all the basic necessities are enlivened by Divine Grace. Village community empowerment activities include Rural Infrastructure Development, Educare & Family Health Care. The activities continue with benevolence, joy & enthusiasm.

Activities in Palakkad District

We have 6 such villages adopted in Palakkad District under SSSVIP Scheme.

Villages Adopted in the District

KAVA – Malampuzha – Olavakkode

Moozhikulam – Palakkad

Karinjallippallam – Chittur