Training Camp for Balvikas Gurus & EHV Resource Persons

A full day district level training workshop for parenting resources was conducted at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Olavakkode, Palakkad on March 25, 2016. The session pleasantly started at around 9.30 am by invoking Swami through ‘Sai Gayathri Japa’. A delightful introductory speech about parenting was given by Sri. Suresh Kumar, the District President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization (SSSSO), Palakkad. The State Vice President Sri. A. M. Prabhakaran pointed out the essential steps to be followed in parenting.The event included 32 members from different units including Balvikas Gurus and EHV recourse persons.

The session was handled by a well known efficient Parenting trainer Dr. Sathish Kumar from Kanjangad. He started the class by narrating stories about our beloved Swami. He said, Bhagavan is our role model and how Bhagavan loves his children is an ideal example for every parent”. He also said that all parents must be aware of their challenges and should know to solve them.
After the story session, around 11.30 am he grouped the participants for brainstorming. The topic for the discussion was the present problems faced by the parents while bringing up their children. After lunch, the class was purely about the qualities and different aspects of parenting. He said that the parenting program needs to be conducted regularly in a focused and innovative manner and also should be more demonstrative and interactive.

The parents should develop their faith and pass it onto their child so that a value based life would never fail. He quoted the major issue which is the lack of pure love in human. So, in this modern world a parent could solve all the problems by an appropriate approach towards their children. Further he showed so many relevant videos related to parenting and gave some materials that would be useful for parenting classes.  The session came to a conclusion by offering mangal aarthi to our beloved bhagwan at 4.30 pm.