Story telling training program

With immense blessings of Bhagwan, Sri Sathya Sai Seva organization, Palakkad could successfully conduct the Balvikas Guru’s training camp at olavakkad samiti hall on 16th July. As each Balvikas student is considered as a pillar of this organization, an effective training for the gurus in each and every aspects of method of teaching was planned. On that basis, the first phase of training focused on “The effective story telling”.

A month ago a training camp for all the trainers from all over Kerala was conducted at Shornour by Sri Nanda Kishore. Sri AM Prabhakaran, state vice president, Smt Radha teacher Balvikas Joint state incharge, Mrs Shaila Prashant District in-charge, Ms Sudharsha trainer who represented Palakkad district in the trainers training camp conducted the follow up camp. Why story telling is important, How a story teller should be in front of the students, How to narrate a story, What aspects to be covered in a story and How to convey the message indirectly from a story and other various aspects of story telling were covered in different sessions.

Sri A M Prabhakaran explained the incorrect way of story telling and showed many ways to correct them. As the discussion continued with the practical application of story telling, the gurus were asked to experiment the new method of what they learnt from the discussion in front of the audience. All 21 gurus gave a mind blowing performance on the dais. It was a new experience for the gurus. Later on,  Mr Arundas conducted Veda training for the gurus and the training camp was offered at bhagwan’s lotus feet with Mangala aarati at 3.30pm.

Glimpses of the training camp.