State President Visit To Palakkad

12th June 2016 Sunday , Our State President visited Palakkad. The function was in Olavakkode Samithi Hall. His visit was for the Evaluation of Sai Deep work was Analysed. It was found the Performance was Satisfied and SP’s comments were very high. Sai Youth Zonal Coordinator Si Sairam also spoke on Youth Programme. More than 120 members participated. It was observed that In all activities of Sai Deep, Palakkad carries the highest Marks ,as per SP. Incidentally , as per His wish , todays Discussions were mainly focussing Balavikas. SP himself shared that he Started his SAI Life as a Group 3 Balavikas Guru. It has been decided that in Palakkad District , 9 Samithies are identified by the Sai Youth for Making 9 Model Balavikas Classes. They selected 9 Sai youths as Incharges and Team for Making this. The Project was submitted to SP. All Samithi Conveners declared starting of New Balavikas Centers. Continuous Training Programmes will be conducted in the District. At the End of the Meeting , a Model Balavikas Student Navya , A 7th Std Student from Pattambi , who has been gifted by Swami with enormous strength of Expressing SAI ideals shared her Experiences. Declared the Starting of 2 New Balavikas centres , one at palakkad samithi and another one at Olavakode samithi.