The state president of SSSSO Kerala, Prof E Mukundan visited Palakkad district on 21st of Feb, 2016.

The day started off with Rudra japam and Bhajan by the Dist Bhajan team. Introductory speech was given by the DC of palakkad Sri Gopalakrishnan Master. The first session was handled by the SP in which he quoted the importance of service, how should we be when we are with Swami, the journey with Swami etc., His message to all office bearers was ‘Do Swami’s duties with utmost sincerity and purity. He will do the rest.’

The state wise president Sri A M Prabhakaran handled the next session in which he talked about the divine organization, the organization care, the need of reducing the integrity gap, the importance ‘Dasanudasa bhava‘. He also mentioned about the 4 Ms which are ‘Man Material Money and MinuteAnd how to be an instrument of Swami, how to experience Swami instead of experimenting Him.

The third session was by Sri Somasekharan, Chief editor Sanathana Sarathi. His speech was about the Sadhana, individual sadhana, individual transformation, attachment and detachment and how to transform ourselves to transform the world.

Afternoon session started with SP’s speech about the new activities of 2016, the decisions taken at national level meetings, Youth driven project VIDYA JYOTHI, SAI DEEP to name a few which was followed by SVP’s session on SAI IT, SAINET, Balvikas, Expansion of the organization etc.,

The one day program ended with Mangalarathi.