SSSVV – T3 Training Camp

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini T3 Training camp was held at Olavakode samithi hall on March 11 and 12,2017. There were trainers from Mumbai and Bengaluru to train the teachers and School relationship coordinators. SSSSO Palakkad is very happy that SSSVV is being implemented in 5 schools and will be introduced 5 new schools in the next academic year.

Day 1:

Day 1 of Train the Trainer workshop began with soulful Bhajan session. It was followed by lighting the lamp and inaugural speech by State Coordinator, Suraj Brother.
This was followed by singing the prayer “Oh lord take my love” and  taking an oath to carry forward Vidya Vahini with zeal.
No of participants : 12
Trainers : Rema Nair ma’am, Rajeswari ma’am.
The day started with an ice breaker by the fellows.
A knowledge training was conducted for all the participants well in advance. It includes orientation, IIEP and 7 assets.The understanding level of the participants was assessed.Based on this each participant gave a demo on orientation, IIEP & 7 assets.
The following were the topics covered:
1. Attributes of an effective
trainer: This topic was communicated well by the trainers not just through their words but by being an example.
2. Training Facilitation  Competency one:
This topic dealt with the ways of presentation –  Opening, message to be conveyed, providing evidence and closing.
3. Training Facilitation Demo:
Each participant applied these ways to make their presentations.
4. Training Facilitation  Competency two : Tips to respond to the audience.
5. Training Facilitation Demo :
It was a participative session with queries demanding clarification. Though the participants seemed to be confused they did not show any inhibition to put forward their doubts. The keenness exhibited by the participants amused the trainers.
6. Video – An inspirational video on taking forward SSSVV was shown.
At the end of the day trainers and participants gained insights from each other. Also got  inspired to take forward these insights.They enjoyed the workshop by giving their 100% participation making the day IIEP.
Day 2:
The Day 2 of Train the Trainers workshop began with Bhajan session.After which each participant was asked to speak on the learning’s of the previous day.They expressed their happiness in having been able to learn new things.
After which the  video “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”  was shown.
The topics covered are:
The training facilitation competency 3- Questioning.
The session was handled by master trainers, Rema Nair ma’am & Rajeshwari ma’am.This session dealt with different types of questions that trainers can use in their sessions.
Training facilitation competency demo:
Participants were divided into groups and were asked to take a topic and question the audience using different types of questions.
Participants came up with different examples on each of the types of questions.
The session on Huddle training and readiness for the huddle training was taken by Vijayraghavan Sir, STC of Kerala.This session helped the participants understand the ways in which a Huddle session can be handled.
The training facilitation competency 4 – Listening.
This session too was handled by the trainers.This session dealt with  different kinds of listening were discussed with suitable example.
Training facilitation competency demo: The participants were divided into  pairs and were asked to narrate any one incident from their life to their partners.Based on the narration they had to identify the strengths of each other.
For the post lunch session each participant was  given a topic. Each of them made a presentation for 4 minutes using the four competencies discussed until then.
The feedback given by trainers for each participant was taken by all the participants in the right spirit.This was very evident with the improvement in the quality of presentation with  each participant.
As a concluding note master trainers expressed their views on the two day worshop and encouraged the participants by wishing them good luck.They called the state team in the front and explained the role of participants in joining this team to take forward SSSVV.
State coordinator briefed the participants about the way forward. After this the STC addressed the audience and spoke about determination and dedication with which each one of them has to work to take forward this holy mission.His encouraging words inspired the participants.
The session came to an end after Mangala Aarthi.