Sri Sathya Sai Sthree Dharma Bodhini – Glory of Womanhood

On February 24, 2018 Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Palakkad, conducted a Mahila program “ Sri Sathya Sai Sthree Dharma Bodhini ”, at CNS Hall, Chitiilanchery. It was inaugurated by State Mahila Coordinator Smt. Ganga Bhaskar at 10 a.m. The program began at 9 a.m. by Veda chanting followed by Kum. Thripthika inviting the dignitaries to the stage. The inaugural speech was given by the State Vice President. Smt. Sifiya Haneef, founder of a NGO named “Chithal” (facebook page “Chithal”), working for the emancipation of weaker sections of the society, was felicitated by Smt. Ganga Bhaskar. A small video presentation was also shown projecting their areas of service and her life. Following this Mahila Youth Incharge Smt. Sai Preethi, gave a small description of 2 projects they are planning to offer at the Lotus Feet, namely “ Annam Oushadham”, “Antharjjanam ”. District Coordinator Sri Gopalakrishnan Master expressed gratitude on behalf of SSSSO, Palakkad.

Following this 14 Mahila youth discussed on various topics pertaining to “ Sthree Dharmam ”. The discussion was a “panel discussion” manner. The topics varied from Indian philosophy, “Motherhood”, the Gunas present in women, Code of Conduct for Mahilas, so on and so forth. All the participants were Active Workers in Bal Vikas, Youth Wing. Kumari Roshni Ramachandran was the “moderator”. After the “one-and-a-half” hour incessant “panel discussion” by the Mahilas, SVP gave a brief conclusion. Smt. Sangeetha, gave a small description of the various activities carried on by Chittilanchery Samithi. This was followed by Mangalarathi and distribution of Prasadam. Afternoon, a small meeting was led by Sri Hari S to discuss the “plan-of-action” in implementing the projects that were offered at the Lotus Feet of Swami. All the Mahila In charges of Palakkad district were present throughout the program.