Sri Sathya Sai Gnanotsavam

With the Divine blessings of Bhagwan, the Sai Youth of Palakkad district has got another opportunity to offer themselves at the lotus feet of Bhagwan by initiating a district level Veda conference at Olavakkad samiti hall on Sunday, 15 October 2017.

The function began with the flag hoisting ceremony. Thereafter, around 350 devotees chanted Sri Rudram in unison from 9 to 9.30 which was continued by reverberating Veda chanting by 92 selected devotees from various samithi Veda group from 9.30 to 10. Swami with immense love sent His property to uplift all the devotees of Palakkad district. Dr. Lalitha Sharma, Assistant professor, Department of English, from Sri Sathya Sai institute of higher learning, Anantapur campus was one of the main speakers of the day. She spoke on the great significance of Sri Rudram and other Suktams from her life experiences and knowledge. It was a wonderful feast of knowledge for all the devotees.

Following the enlightening session, Sri Jaya krishnan, State Veda and Youth incharge, addressed the gathering based on science and spirituality and its relevance in the present time. This was followed by the talk by State Mahila Veda incharge Smt. Rajashree, who covered the scope of veda in our state especially in Palakkad district.

Afternoon session was led by Dr Lalitha, on different experiences she had with Bhagwan in her 13 years of life in swami’s college. She explained how important the transformation which is the real experience seen in others important than the leelas shown by Bhagwan. The experiences she shared touched each and every hearts in the hall and helped everyone to connect to swami. This was followed by the Veda parikrama by the group of devotees chanting the resonating Veda mantras. The vibrance spread by 350 devotees in the surrounding created positive ness everywhere. The parikrama went around the Shivanandaashram and concluded in the Olavakkad samiti hall. The programme was offered at Swami’s Lotus feet by bhajans, prasadam distribution and Mangala aarati.

The whole planning and execution was done by Palakkad Sai youth. After the program state youth incharge Jaya krishnan spoke to the youth group separately on the various activities done in Palakkad district. He also suggested many changes that could be done for appropriate results. The immense grace of Bhagwan was felt the whole day. Though heavy rain was predicted, the whole day was pleasant and beautiful. The mahila vibhag of the district enthusiastically and wholeheartedly participated in the whole function. The uniformity in the dress code of many mahilas inspired to start new centres in different places of the district.