Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavatha Sapthaham – 2016

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavatha Sapthaha Yagnam was from September 19th 2016 to September 25th 2016 at Cherplassey Devi Kalyana mandapam.

  1. Daily 300 devotees were present to listen the stories of our beloved Sai Maa, out of which  nearly 250 were from public .
  2. Around 30 devotees attended  Nagarasankeerthan daily.
  3. Special programmes like spiritual talks, music   and dance programmes were conducted on all  evenings.
  4. Around 25 Sevadals were working hard day and night through out the week .
  5. 50 new sanathana sarathi subscriptions were made .
  6. Book sale of Rs.10000/- was made.
  7. Bhagwan’s omnipresence was visible through Vibhuthi manifestation from the Ganesh Idle which was kept outside the hall.
  8. 100% support from PK Das medical college was assured for Medical care program for SSSVIP Village people.
  9. 15 speakers from different districts addressed the devotees.
  10.  Cherupulassery Bhajan Mandali  was upgraded to  SRI SATHYA SAI SEVA SAMITHI CHERPLASSERY after 15 years.
  11. Final day of Sapthaham was blessed by an enthralling session by Sri . Vedanarayanan , Puttaparthi.
  12. Prayers to   conduct next two  Bhagavatha Sapthahams, one at Karinjalippallam, the adopted village of Chittur samithi in 2017 and in Shornur in 2018 was kept at Swami’s Lotus Feet for Blessing.

Day 1

The function was inaugurated by Swami Sadbhavananda, Matathipathi, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Thrissur.

First day of Sapthaham was led by Sri. N Somashekharan, Yagnaacharyan. The words were flowing out like endless rain from his mouth on Indian culture and spirituality and later about Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. Devotees were immersed in the yagna where they communicated with Swami silently after hearing the heartfelt stories of our beloved Swami’s ‘Shiva’avathara, Shirdi Sai Baba.

There was a special ‘Narayaneeya Parayanam’ by a balvikas student from cherplassery mandali which was amazing. It was a jaw-dropping moment for all the devotees.

Day 2

The second day of sri sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham started at 5.20 with Om karam, suprabhatham, nagarasankeerthanam followed by Vishnu sahasra naamam, sri rudra japam and bhajan.

Sri. Gopalakrishnan Master, DC SSSSO Palakkad started the first session on the topic ‘the need of a Guru’. It was then followed by ‘Shirdi Sai Mahima’, ‘Shirdi Sai Sareerathyagam’ and ‘Sathya Sai Avatharam’.

Swami can make others feel His presence in so many ways and of course while conducting such huge functions, we all pray to Him to give enough strength to spread His message everywhere. Finally, He came to visit the place where the Glory of our beloved swami is sung, chanted. It was on the Ganesh idol where Swami manifested Vibhuthi.

It’s indeed the result of day n night prayers and hard work for the success of His Bhagavatha Sapthaham.

There was special Carnatic dance program in the evening by kum. Navya, Master. Devdas and Master. Devnarayanan.

The second day of sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham concluded with offering of Mangalarathi.

Day 3

Day III of Sri sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham started with Omkaram, suprabhatham, nagara sankeerthanam, Sri rudra japam and Sahasra namarchana.

The sessions were on ‘Sathyanarayana rajuvum sahapaatikalum’,’cheppinettu chesthara’,’Avathara prakhyapanam’. Sri N Somasekharan and Sri S Hari led the third day of sapthaham. The hall was fully packed to hear the beautiful story of our beloved swami.

Since the day was Sri Narayana guru Samadhi Day, Yagnacharya also shared Guru’s thoughts and the vision he had, to bring up the society under the saying ‘Oru jathi Oru matham Oru dhaivam Manushyanu’.

SSSSO Palakkad also felicitated some of the great child artists like Master. Devanarayanan(Kathakali State ‘A’ grade), Master. Devadasan(Bharatha natyam ‘A’ grade), Ms. Aiswarya and Ms. Sahala for scoring centum in 12th examinations (1200/1200), Ms. Neelima. And Sri. Vijayan who is been involved in so many socially committed activities and the coordinator of Indian Institute of Science and Heritage, Cherplassery.

Bhagavat Gita session from 3.30pm to 5pm.

There was a special musical concert by Kumari. Roshni Ramachandran and Kumari. Sai Preethi. The program started with a ganesha sthuthi ‘Mahaganapathim’ in raag Thilang followed by some beautiful melodious devotional songs of Swami and other deities. One of the famous devotionals ‘kannu thurannalum kaanane..’ was well received by the public. The fellow musicians were Sri A V Suresh Kumar (violin), Sri Madhu (Tabla), Sri Sai Prasad (Mridangam).

The third day of sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham concluded with offering of Mangalarathi.

Day 4

As usual the day 4 of sai sapthaham started with Omkaram, suprabhatham, nagarasankeerthanam followed by rudra japam, sahasra namaarchana etc., The first topic was ‘Sai baba, the man or miracles’ was taken by Miss. Sai Preethi, ALUMNI of SSSIHL Anantpur Campus and the daughter of SVP AM Prabhakaran. ‘Sanathana dharma paripalanam, Sai dauthyam’ was handled by Sri P K Asokan, DIC Spiritual SSSSO Palakkad.

Dr. Jagatlal, a doctor by profession and a well-known musician talked on the topic ‘Asharanark aasha deepam– the story behind the super speciality hospital and Sai Ganga Project‘

Bhagavat Gita session from 3.30pm to 5pm.

There was a special drama by cherplassery balvikas children in the evening. A well organised drama on ‘cheppinettu chesthara’.The child artists looked very pleasant and confident. It was on the whole a visual treat for all the devotees.

The fourth day of sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham concluded with offering of Mangalarathi.

Day 5

The day 5 started with aum karam, suprabhatham and nagarasankeerthan, sri rudram and bhajan. The first session was ‘balvikas, lokavikas’ by Sri Gopakumar, DC, SSSSO Palakkad. The other sessions were ‘bhajana bina sukh shanthi nahi’, ‘bhagavath parshadanmar’.

Bhagavat Gita session from 3.30pm to 5pm.

The fifth day of sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham concluded with offering of Mangalarathi.

Day 6

Day 6 of Sri sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham started with Omkaram, suprabhatham, nagara sankeerthanam, Sri rudra japam and Sahasra namarchana followed by bhajan.

Sri A M Prabhakaran, SVP, SSSSO Palakkad handled the first session ‘Sri sathya sai seva sanghatana, sadhakark sai sammanam’. ‘Sathsanga mahima’ was the next topic which was then handled by yagnacharya himself. The session was all about Sai Geetha.

Post lunch session was started by Sri Jayakrishnan, DIC Youth, Trivandrum District. He handled the topic ‘Athi rudram, Vedodharanam’. He shared so many experiences of youth, the importance of Veda, the power of Veda chanting etc.,

Bhagavat Gita session from 3.30pm to 5pm.

A special dance program by Sri Jishnu, a TV artist and a professional dancer and also a poem recitation by Kumari. Neelima who recited a poem written by her on Swami. Though the poem was simple and short, the lines she has written conveyed the messages of Swami.

The 6th day of Sapthaham concluded with offering of Mangalarathi.

Day 7

The last day of sri sathya sai bhagavatha sapthaham started with Omkaram, suprabhatham, nagarasankeerthanam, sri rudra japam and sahasra namarchana followed by a bhajan session.

The first session was ‘bhagavath samvadam – some selected questions and the answers given by Swami’. After which some beautiful videos of Swami were shown. The next session was ‘bhagavante sareera thyagam’. Most of the devotees were trying to control their tears when Yagnacharya narrated the final days of our dear-most Swami. A mahamangal aarathi was taken then followed by a bhajan session.

The post lunch session was by Sri. Veda Narayanan Sir, an ardent devotee of Swami who came all the way from Puttaparthi to share his thoughts on Swami and the organization.

The last session was on ‘Prema sai avatharam’. Yagnacharya shared some information given to some devotees by Swami Himself on Premasai Avathar.

The closing ceremony started by 3.45pm. District president thanked each and every member who worked day and night for the success of the 18th Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavatha Sapthaham. SSSSO Palakkad also felicitated Sri N Somasekharan (Yagnacharya), the owner of Devi Kalyanamandapam Sri Sreedharan, sevadals Sri. Shyamjith, Sri. Raju, Sri. Nithin and Sri. Santhosh etc.,

The final day of sapthaham concluded with offering of Maha Mangala aarathi followed by prasadam distribution.