Special Training for Balvikas Gurus

A one day training class for Balvikas gurus was conducted at Olavakkode Sri Sathya Seva Samithi Hall on 25th June 2016 by a well-known balvikas trainer Smt. Radha Ramesh from Mumbai. 61 Balvikas gurus including existing and new gurus from different units attended the training session. The program started with the bhajan at 9.30 am. An introductory speech about Balvikas was given by Sri. A.V. Suresh Kumar, District President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization (SSSSO), Palakkad.


The importance of Balavikas was shared by SVP. Then came the Most Effective Session of Smt Radha Ramesh. The first session was all about ‘how to take effective balvikas classes ?‘. An interesting video had been shown to all, named ‘Baby and Daddy‘ through which she beautifully conveyed the fact that the parents should be the roll model for their children.

She then narrated a story of a Balvikas Guru named Kamal from mumbai, at the end of which some important points were discussed.

  • Balvikas guru is a mother/ father to all children.
  • Do not give up any child. Swami has sent them to you.
  • Children are not our own. They are entrusted to us.
  • Do your duty sincerely and guide them in all possible manner.

She also shared some valid points that we should keep in mind while we go for PCP.

  1. Observe and absorb, but do not judge them.
  2. Keep the fact in mind that you are also being observed by somebody.
  3. Reach out and build bridges.
  4. Do not compare their children with anybody.
  5. Make them understand the importance of value based education and work together for the child’s development.

There were also an interactive session in which they discussed the negatives of today’s new generation and prepared notes after which everybody dispersed for lunch.

The afternoon session started with a game. It was wonderful sessions when all Gurus , forgetting their age started playing & enjoying. The various games taught & played by her were marvelous. The trainer herself played and interacted with all the participants just as a balvikas guru would do in balvikas. The class was completely useful and effective for gurus and all the participants were enthusiastically participated.

Total 61 Participants were there out of which 10 were new who came to become balavikas gurus. District education co-ordinator Srimathi Parimila Das K. gave away the concluding message. Mangal aarthi at 4.40PM marked the end of the beautiful and unforgettable day.