Bhagawan had initiated several schemes for improving the economic situation of the rural areas and also to address the needs in the society. This project is called sociocare and under this project, several seva activities were taken up like supply of drinking water, disaster relief operations, homes for the aged, dheenajanodharana project and vasthudhara to name a few.

A. Aqua care: Inspired from Swami’s water projects, sai organization undertakes small water supply projects such as Renovation & Cleaning of existing wells & ponds Repair of water pumps, common taps Supplying water tanks to schools for drinking water.

In Palakkad we have undertaken such activities under the auspicious of Olavakkode, Palakkad, & Chittur Units

C. Employment Care: Youths & Mahilas of poor houses are given free consultation and awareness on the available employment opportunities, helping them to get self employment under various schemes.

In Palakkad, Chittur Sai Samithi has already launched a beautiful programme for giving employment care to Mahilas by opening Tailoring Units.

D. Free Counselling programmes are also being conducted for the poor & needy.