On our Independence Day, 15 August 2016, a beautiful program named ‘Sayeesthavam’ was conducted at Olavakode samithi hall. Swami’s ex-students and lead singers from Sundaram group Sri Raman and Sri Badri led the session.They perfomed to sky high level perfection.

In the session, they shared their personal experiences as well as other devotee’s experiences. They presented it along with some beautiful songs and bhajans which were soothing to hear.

The devotees were thronging for the programme to the beautifully decorated mandir. When they shared their personal experiences with our Divine Master, it was seen that many of the devotees were trying to control their tears. The two and half n hour session was felt very small.

Both Badri and Raman were felicitated, also the most fortunate parents Sri Kannaswamy and Smt Radha.

For the ones who could not attend the function, here is the link. Hear and enjoy the session.

Sayeesthavam – Full Coverage