Sai Rehabilitation Program

A “get-together” for the patients (all who have had consultation previously in both the super speciality hospitals) was organized in Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Shoranur. 80 persons participated from the patient side. Sri (Dr.) Sajan, cardiologist, Valluvanad Hospital, held a class explaining the various facets of heart disease. He explained on various topics namely the precautions to be taken by heart patients, importance of exercise, medicines and side-effects, illogical practices done by patients due to lack of knowledge, practice of Yoga and shifting to other branches of medicine post operation, the importance of boosting psychological side of the patient, etc. He also explained in a very simple language about the human heart and the reason of blocks, the phase where it can be removed through simple methods and where operation is inevitable, so on and so forth. He also took enough pain to clarify the doubts of each and every patient, with respect to the medical side. An option was also given for the patients to speak personally to the doctor.
Sai Med State In charge Sri (Dr.) Anand Mohan also spoke on the importance of Sai Rehabilitation Program, it’s origin, it’s greatness and many other topics. Sri AV Suresh Kumar, District President, SSSSO, Palakkad, also spoke. Patient also happily shared the various experiences and praised the SRP program whole heartedly.
Both Dr. Sajan and Dr. Anand Mohan spoke on the importance of utilizing this “God given body” for the welfare of the society. Reciprocating to their advice, many patients expressed their willingness to participate in coming Prashanthi Seva. In connection with this, Sri Raju, Puduppariyaram Samithi member and an active worker, shared his valuable experiences of his “re birth” and his resolution to spend his remaining life for Swami and SSSSO.
Decision was taken to provide medicines for two poor families.
Program ended with Mangalarathi.