Romel Sir @ Palakkad

Sri Romel Sir , Retd IFS officer from Parthi : His final visit to Kerala was in Palakkad  on Monday 6th Aug 2018. The function was held in Olavakkode Samithi. Vedam &  Bhajan had started at 4.30pm. Sri Romel Sir was very happy to visit this Holy Mandir for which Swami Himself laid the Foundation Stone in 1966. He was thrilled to know that Swami had Send His Kaliyuga Udhava, Prof N Kasthuri here for performing Study Circle and also to understand that this was the Starting point of Malayalam  Sanathana Sarathi.

He was humbled to See & Touch the Trowel with  which Swami had Pasted the Cement to the Foundation Stone for the Samithi Bhajan Mandir at 6.10pm  on Tuesday ,  20th December 1966 , on a Vaikunda Ekadashi Day.  Also he was astonished to note the interesting facts that even before the official declaration of SSSSO in India  , Regular House Bhajan was started at this place from the year 1955 and  also regular Thursday bhajan in a small building  from the Gurupoornima day in 1964. He also Mentioned his happiness to know that this Place had been Officially Named by the Local Authority of Govt of Kerala as ” Sri Sathya Sai Nagar” from  the Year 1962.

He was really  in tears to listen all the Love & Care our Divine Master is pouring on the Devotees here. He was introduced to the Veterans who were Instrumental in bringing up our Divine Organisation to this Stage.   Sri Romel was highly impressed on his visits to the Various districts of Kerala. He explained many of his beautiful experiences with the Lord. As a Man of High Discipline & Devotion, Romel Sir could easily go into the hearts of the Devotees. More than  150 devotees were present in the function. At 7.15 pm Romel Sir performed Mangala Arathi and left to Prashanthi  Nilyam carrying all our love & regards with him.