Bhagawan says that service activities must be undertaken with self-confidence, self-satisfaction, self-sacrifice and ultimately for the purpose of self-realisation.

Thus, the spirit of service develops from the self. Service is not any way construed to be helping others

According to Bhagawan, we should not think that we are helping others by joining the Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and undertaking service activities. This thinking is not correct. It is also very important that we should not seek the help of others in these service activities. We should depend only upon our own innate strength and energy. The power of our own self will help us in all our endeavors.

Swami emphasizes the fact that we are the beneficiary of all our service activities and not others. Man undertakes every activity for his self-fulfillment

This should be the spirit of service

Swami explains the definition of a seva dal in a very beautiful manner which is narrated below:

Each member of the several should be like a Dal (petal) in a beautiful flower. There are several skills to be learnt by the members of the Sevadal.

If you plant a sapling, it will grow into a plant in due course and yield beautiful flowers. However, the sapling by itself is not attractive. When the plant grows and yields flowers, the beauty of the flowers and fragrance therein will provide joy to one and all. There are several petals in a flower. The flower appears beautiful as long as there are petals in it. Once the petals fade and fall down, the flower ceases to exist. Hence, you should be like the petals of a beautiful flower. Let everyone experience the beauty and enjoy the fragrance of the flower in which you are like the petals.

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Palakkad conducts various service activities like Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme( SSSVIP), Naryanaseva, medicare and socio care projects at the level of all the units.