The recent World Hunger Survey shows that nearly a billion people (100 crores) in the world go hungry every day. Of these, 300 million (30 crores ) are in India . The paradox in India is that there is no shortage of food grains: it is just that many people are not able to access adequate food supplies

The Government has several programmes for mitigation of this problem; unfortunately, there is still much to be desired. In addition, in many affluent families and in celebrations, a great deal of food is wasted.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has always been highlighting the importance of Narayanaseva. He has said that rather than serve only Lakshminarayana, we should serve Daridranarayana. Every year, the Gramaseva performed by our University students is a shining example of Narayaseva, where they distribute thousands of food packets lovingly packed by our girl students, to each hut and house in the selected villages. The residents who receive this Prasad do so with great joy that Bhagawan has remembered them with Love.

For the Sai Organisation also, Narayanaseva is an intrinsic part of all our activities. We do not look upon it only as a service activity, but also as an educational and spiritual activity. Narayanaseva also reflects Bhagawan’s Message of Ceiling on Desires.

Initially Narayanaseva was observed as a part of the celebration of any festival and involved only that samithi which is observing the particular festival.

With Bhagawan Baba’s Blessings, a new National Narayanaseva Programme was launched in which any member of the organization, devotees and others can participate

Every devotee will now assume that they have an additional family member with them, and accordingly set apart a quantity of food grains for this member. If the family consists of 5 members, they will set apart a quantity equal to 20% of their consumption; if they are 10 members, they will set apart 10%. They are always welcome to set apart more. A corresponding quantity of dals equal to one fourth that of grains will also be set apart to provide proteins.

Every week these grains can be delivered at Bhajan Mandali, Samithi or to a common collection center. The containers will be duly marked “Sri Sathya Sai National Narayanaseva Programme”.

The Samithi/Youth Wing does the distribution of Sai Amrutha Kalasam in selected seva areas once every week [ or once a fortnight] instead of only on festival days. The distribution of the Amrutha Kalasam is specifically targeted to the families identified by a survey as being needy for adequate nourishment. The basis of survey is similar to what we have done for the VIP villages

The distribution is done in a spiritual manner, that is, with bhajans. The beneficiaries are requested to assemble at a particular place and after bhajan, the amrutha kalasam distribution will be done. Where people are not able to come due to old age or ill health, the kalasams will be delivered to their residence along with Vibhuti Prasadam.

Beggars, homeless people,etc, are also covered under this programme. This is particularly relevant in the cities and urban areas

For such persons in the urban areas, cooked food should be given rather than grains, since they will have no facilities for cooking the food.

Cooking of the food should be done from the grains being contributed by the families participating in the programme. Food should not be purchased. Cooking should be preferably be done by the Mahilas of the Mandali/Samithi, preferably at the Mandali/Samithi building rather than at the residence of any devotee. Sai Youth and Group III Balavikas children can also be involved in such work at least once a month

This programme is independent of any programme being conducted by the Government agencies

There should not be any collection of funds for this programme

There should not be any compulsion to participate in this programme. Each devotee and member of the Organisation should have a heart to heart relationship with Bhagawan for this programme. The Programme will normally be repeatedly announced at all Bhajan Mandalis and Samithis

In our Palakkad District we conduct this seva programme as follows :

Daily Food Distribution to bystanders of District Hospital – Lunch to 150 people daily

Daily Lunch for 50-100 people in Chittur Samithi

Weekly food Distribution in Mannarkad Hospital

Free Rice distribution to more than 50 families every month

Street Narayanaseva – Every Sunday to 100 poor people in the street