Gramaseva @ Attappadi

Attappadi is a rural area in Palakkad district where we can see hundreds of uneducated, unemployed poor people who wait for outsiders to come to help them. The Kerala Govt has started so many new ventures for these people and they still initiate so many new schemes, allowances for them. Due to the lack of awareness and also because of the poor or rather stupid leadership of the political leaders, the people started suffering and it continues.

By seeing all these, the sub collector of Palakkad Dist approached SSSSO Palakkad after getting the instructions from Hon’ble Justice Thottathil Mr. B. Radhakrishnan. After this, the leaders of SSSSO Palakkad visited the village people, medical officers, departmental staff several times. The main objective of it was to gather information about the people, the place, the range of services that we would have to carry out, how they approach us etc.,

After several meetings with people and the authorities, We SSSSO Palakkad prepares an action plan which we presented to the authorities in a meeting arranged at ICDS Office Agali on March 2nd 2016.

With the infinite blessings of our beloved bhagawan, the meeting went well and took some serious decisions which are given below:

  • Will be concentrating on 175 anganavadis at the beginning stage.
  • Data collection with the help of ICDS officers, training, awareness programs, preparing master plan etc will be carried out at the first stage.
  • 9 awareness programs will be conducted during April / May months in 9 different ICDS sectors scattered in 3 different panjayaths. Around 500+ children will get trained by this.
  • Student data collection from 175 anganavadis will be done by the SAI IT team Palakkad with the help of ICDS centers in the month of March.
  • Full support is assured by the Attappadi govt hospital as well as Vivekananda Mission.
  • Training will be given to all higher secondary teachers.
  • All paper works will be done before April.

The first program is scheduled on April 8, 2016.