FLIP – Future Leaders’ Incubation Program

FLIP 2016 – Future Leaders Incubation Program started sharp at 10.30Am with Prayer.

The first session was handled by Sri Vipin Chandra, a professional trainer. His topic was ‘Ice breaking and team building’ which was very interesting. Next session was on the topic ‘Goal setting’ which was handled by Sri Saju Raj. The session was very informative and motivational. The students looked very confident.


The afternoon session was handled by the Dist Youth in Charge Sri Gopakumar. He spoke on the topic ‘Mind – the most powerful tool’. The session helped the participants to understand the importance of visualization of their goal.

A camp fire has been conducted for pure entertainment. There were individual performances like songs, dance etc. And also they performed a skit based on the topic ‘Adolescence Love’ which was awesome.


The second Day started with a yoga session. The class was led by Sri Asokan, DIC Spirtual and assisted by Sri Parthasadhy. Next session was by the SVP of SSSSO Kerala Sri A M Prabhakaran. He talked on the topic ‘Suputhrah Kuladeepakah’. He stressed the duty of son/daughter towards parents. It had some emotionally touching moments.

Mock Press was conducted for the students which was a new experience for the kids. This gave the experience of facing unpleasant questions and how to handle those proactively. Also they learnt as of how to ask unpleasant questions politely. The afternoon session started with a quiz program on ‘Great leaders of India and Indian Culture’. Quiz master was Sri Balasubrahmanian which was very informative and interesting session.


FLIP-2016 concluded with a combined session parents and children. Two students shared their experiences and how they were benefited from the camp. Certificates for the participants were distributed. The trophy for the best camp diary was awarded to Sri.Harisanth. Kum.Lakshmi was selected as the best participant of the camp. She was awarded the Emerging Leader title, certificate and trophy. One of the parents shared her views. It was really encouraging.