Eswaramma Day Celebrations

Bhagwan’s Divine mother Eshwaramba’s 46th Samadhi day was celebrated on May 6th as Bal Vikas Student’s Day by the Organization. It was celebrated in Govt. Victoria College. The program began in the morning by 9 a.m. with Veda chanting and Bhajan by the Bal Vikas students. This was followed by inaugural function. This began with Sarvadharma prayer. This year, Kumari Archana from Chittur Bal Vikas unit was blessed to host the program. Sri AM Prabhakaran, SVP, SSSSO Kerala, gave many important advices to the students. Smt. Radha CK, State Balvikas Joint In charge and Smt. Parimala Das, District Bal Vikas Incharge, extended their heartfelt greetings to all the Bal Vikas children.

Every year, two awards are given by the Organization in connection with Bal Vikas – Usha Memorial Award for Best Bal Vikas Coordinator in the district and Chandrashekharan Memorial Award for Best Bal Vikas student. This year, Smt. Smitha Teacher from Cherpulasshery Samithi was awarded the Usha Memorial Award and Kumari Abhirami from Chittur Bal Vikas unit was awarded the Chandrashekharan Memorial Award.

This was followed by beautiful programs by Bal Vikas students from the district. Kumari Abhirami was the top scorer in last year’s Group 2 Balvikas examination. Solo performances of many students were very much heart rendering. The final program, a drama by Kollengode Samithi Bal Vikas unit, titled “Bharathan” was very good in all respects. Mime and “Thiruvathirakkali” by Cherpulasshery Samithi was a variety program. Programs continued intermittently for five hours. This was followed by a rally through Victoria College road from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Around 350 people participated. 4 separate groups (singing different Bhajans) walked around 3 kms through Tharekkad and returned back to Victoria College. The program ended by offering Mangalarathi at 5.45 p.m.