Eswaramba Day Celebrations

May 6th every year, is celebrated as Easwaramma Day, commemorating the anniversary of the passing away of the saintly lady who was blessed to be mother to the Avatar of the Kali age. Bhagwan exhorts His devotees, especially children, to revere the mother as God. Hence, this day is a celebration of the sacred ideal of Motherhood.


Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization (SSSSO), Palakkad also celebrated Easwaramma Day in which around 500 devotees participated. The program started with the Veda chanting by the district balvikas team. Our special guest Dr. Uma Sangameshwaran retired Professor, Mercy College, Palakkad, started the program by lighting the lamp. District Balvikas in-charges Smt. Parimila Das K, Smt. Radha, SSSSO SVP Sri A. M. Prabhakaran and SSSSO district president Suresh Kumar were present for the occasion.

The function was presided by Kumari Anila, a balvikas student and the welcome speech was given by Kumari Kavya who also a balvikas student. Dr. Uma Sangameswaran delivered a wonderful speech and wished all kids for all the success in their lives. State Vice President (SVP) Sri Prabhakaran handled the next session in which he stressed on the point that every child must respect and take care of their parents with full love and affection. All Balvikas students then took oath that they would always love, respect and take care of their parents.

Mrs. Shyala Prasanth was awarded the prestigious ‘Smt Usharavi memorial award for being the best educational coordinator for the year 2015-16.  ‘Sri Chandrashekharan memorial award’ was given to Kumari Sai Mridula for being the best Balvikas student in year 2015-16.

Different cultural programs like devotional songs, dance dramas etc., were performed by Balvikas students from different Balvikas units.  The audience could feel the pain and time the children took to make the function a grand success and to make our Sai Maa Happy. The students those who secured good marks in SSSLC examinations were specially invited to the stage and congratulated by the SVP.

The program ended with Mangal Aarthi followed by prasadam distribution.