EHV – Trainers’ Training Camp

A one and half day training program for EHV trainers was organized by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization (SSSSO), Palakkad to intensify the abilities of EHV (Education in Human Values) trainers, on 12th and 13th of March 2016.

12 participants from 8 different units participated. The session started at 10 am with ‘Sai Gayathri chanting’. Sri Ravi Shankar (the state in charge for Disaster Management) and team fully contributed for the success of the program. They mainly focused on three aspects of the training ‘Presentation, Presenter and Presentee’.


The first session on ‘Preparation of a good presentation’, was handled by Sri. Ravi Shankar. He emphasized that the quality as well as the content of a presentation is very important. The knowledge and preparation skill must be upgraded for the improvement of a presentation.  He introduced various tools, technologies and techniques which we must be aware of during the preparation of a presentation.

All the 12 participants presented on a random topic for a duration of six minutes each, which was followed by a review session. All the participants enthusiastically presented in their own way. The advantages and drawbacks were noted through a systematic evaluation by trainers and participants, then, the presentations were thoroughly analyzed after lunch.

The subsequent session was a discussion about the topic ‘Presenter’. According to the trainers, an EHV trainee must have a deep knowledge and awareness on Sai philosophy. Also, they stated that the role model for every EHV trainer is our Divine Master! The first day of training camp successfully completed at 7.30 pm.

The first session on the second day was on ‘Time Management’. There was a ‘follow up presentation session’ for the participants’ in order to inspect their improvement on various skills in which everybody used the new technologies and best practices which were injected to them the previous day. It also boosted up the confidence level of the trainees.

The final session was all about ‘How to treat the audience?’. So many inspirational videos have also been shown to the trainees to keep them up for the new challenges.

The camp concluded at 1 pm with a small discussion on Swami’s saying –the efforts and prayers can change your destiny, start your effort now!’’.