District Youth Meet

This program saw the participation of 85 youths. Sri PK Ashokan, District Spiritual Incharge, gave a small “discourse” to begin the function.

Sri Vijayaraghavan, a youth member spoke on the topic “Youth and goal of life”. His speech mainly centred on Vivekananda sayings. He spoke mainly on the core aim that youth should focus on.

In the second session, Sri Hari S, SSSVIP state Incharge spoke on the topic “Grama Seva Rama Seva”. He stressed again and again on the importance of doing duties with the basis of Sanathana Shasthras. He also pointed out the changes that had occurred post Grama Seva. He could justify his words by pointing out 3 youths who had come for the youth program from the adopted village of Chittur.

The third session was conducted by State Incharge Sri Prashanth S. His speech mainly revolved around “Self Motivation”. His class was more of a psychological session and was more interactive. He also spoke on the opportunities for “selfless service” in Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyothi project.

With the arrival of “World Environment Day” on June 5, saplings of two specific plants were handed over to all the participants.

The program ended with Mangalarathi.

Afternoon, a meeting was held, wherein selected youth members and District, State Incharges discussed on the ways to strengthen the various wings of the Organization. The meeting concluded with a rough plan for each wing to move forward more strongly.

After the program, the youth leaders visited the adopted village of Palakkad Samithi and discussed about the oncoming Grama Seva plans in that area.

Many youths promised their participation in more programs in the coming weeks, which could be considered as a blessing of Swami and a positive feedback of “Yuvajana Sangamam”. Thus, as is Swami’s saying, a holiday was made a “Holy” day.