District Level Annual Camp For Office Bearers – 2016

The 2 days(Jan 9 & 10) camp started with Rudra Japam by Dist. Veda Team at 2.30PM. First day was for all district in charges, samithi conveners and mandali in charges.

The introductory speech was given by the District President Sri A V Suresh Kumar.

The inaugural speech was given by the State Vice President Sri A M Prabhakaran.’All samithies must be Happiness Centres‘ . This was his new year message to all office bearers and also quoted the significance of Individual Sadhana and Individual Transformation both external and internal since we, as swami’s instruments, going to celebrate the year 2016 as The year of expansion‘  for which the individual transformation is essential.

The DP handled the next session in which he evaluated the activities of SSSSO Palakkad in the year 2015. (Click here for the activities of 2015)

The next session was a speech by the State SSSVIP In charge Sri Hari S on the topic ‘Sri Sathya Sai Organization’. He shared some excellent thoughts as of how we should work in this divine organization, how the activities should be carried out and most importantly what is our organization for and why we are here and how we should be. He also explained the qualities that each office bearer should have and importance of the 9 point code of conduct.

Evening session started with a beautiful bhajan session by the Dist Bhajan Team which was followed by an interactive session lead by Sri Hari S (State in Charge, SSSSO Kerala, SSSVIP) on the topic ‘Bhagawan Bhava Priyan’. The Dist Spiritual in Charge Sri P K Asokan handled the next session in which he shared the significance of vahinis and Sai literature.

The first day of the annual camp ended with a sumptuous dinner.

2nd Day :

The program started off with an excellent bhajan session by the Dist Bhajan Team which was followed by a session by Sri. Gopalakrishnan Master(DC, SSSSO Palakkad) on the topic ‘Expansion is life’.

The DP took up the next session which was about the activities of spiritual wing that are to be carried out in the year 2016.

Next session was an interesting session on ‘Disaster Management’, its importance and significance, lead by Sri. Ravi Shankar(State in Charge, Disaster Management, SSSSO Kerala) and team. They demonstrated so many techniques which includes Fireman’s chair knot, four hand grip, gunny bag stretcher, bowline drag etc.,

Sri Hari(State in Charge, SSSVIP, SSSSO Kerala) handled the next session which was on the topic ‘How to improve and achieve’.

Afternoon session started by 2pm Sri S Prasanth(Zonal in Charge, Educare, SSSSO Kerala) in which he explained as of how to implement spiritual and education activities in the district.

Sri Gopakumar(Dist in charge, Youth) and Sri Arun(Dist in Charge, IT) then gave a brief explanation about the sai youth activities that we going to implement in the year 2016 as well as the IT activities, its possibilities and importance in the organization in all wings.

Sri Hari then shared his thoughts on the importance of balvikas and other spiritual activities.

The 2 days annual camp ended with Maha Mangal aarathi by the Dist. President.