Disaster Management Training

Disaster Management training program was conducted at Puduppatiyaram Samithi, Palakkad on 18th and 19th March 2017. The training program was  conducted for the NSS volunteers from various colleges in the district.
The traits of Swami’s blessings for the camp was visible through out the program through the following : 
1. The organisation could reach into the value based areas of the students.
2. Many students could talk for hours regarding our value based approach.
3. Many students wanted the camp to be conducted in their colleges and schools and they wish to reach the second level of the camp.
4. They were also overwhelmed with the arrangements including food and accommodation provided by us for the participants.
5. All the students wholeheartedly thanked the organisation for conducting the camp.
6. The DM chief Mr. Dayal conveyed  the team members that the camp conducted was really model camp.
7. NSS district coordinator Dr. Gopakumar also had talked with the participants.
Before the National Anthem in the valedictory function, the entire team along with our active workers took oath to work for the wellness of the society. We ,the Sathya Sai active workers and NSS members  offer our salutations to the DM team. Also our pranams to the active workers of the Puduppatiyaram Samithi who is the backbone behind the success of the camp.
Now we append below the various attributes and future plans of the DM camp.
1. Planning to have 2000 NSS volunteers in the district and the organisation is formulating various activities in the future.
A group  in the name of Unity, Purity, Divinity is formed for the same.
Details below.
A.Uniting for purity leading to divinity
B. A team comprising 1 patron,4 office bearers and 10 executive members.
C. Initially we have representation from 10 colleges in the district.
D. All the group members will remain in the group even after the completion of their academic course so that they can work for the wellness always .
E. Initial projects include tribal development, one house one year for our fellow being., Social evils control program.
F. Value based tours and trips for the students.
G. Decision was made to form a  WhatsApp group in the name of Unity, Purity ,Divinity to communicate the activities of the team.
H. The camp could establish a cordial and strong relation with the students and various educational institutions.
I. The blue print of the activities for the upcoming year will be formulated in the vacation.