Bhajan and Veda Training for Balvikas Children

District level Balavikas veda and bhajan training on July 24, 2016 held at Olavakkode samithy, Palakkad.


A total of 52 students participated from different samithies and mandalies of Palakkad district for the training.

Session started with bhajan by Dist. Bhajan Team at 9.30 am.  After half an hour bhajan Mr. Sureshkumar AV. District president started the camp with his inaugural address.  In his inaugural speech he strongly stressed the importance of Balavikas bhajan and veda in samithies and also stressed on a separate day for balavikas bhajan in samithies which is now only in few samithies.  This is mainly to enable and empower and groom balavikas children as future leaders of the organization.

Following inaugural address SVP. Sri. A.M. Prabhakaran also motivated the children describing the importance of prayers they should do in order to earn grace of swami, especially nearness and dearness.  He made children promise to pray daily to swami so that they can participate for Onam program at parthi.

The first session of the camp started with Veda training by Kumari. Roshini, state level lead singer and veda trainer of palakkad district bhajan team.  For one hour roshini trained children on Narayana Suktam, lyrics of  which was shown in big screen using ppt presentation with the help of projector by Sai IT team Palakkad.


Also the meaning of narayana suktam and chanting techniques were discussed with children and when they started chanting, to everybody’s surprise they were able to chant it correct for the first time though most of them were learning it for first.  The vibration produced by kids chanting vedam was magnificent.

Vedam session was followed by Bhajan practice by each children unit wise.  The little singers were provided by microphone and asked to sing independently.  A group of dist level singers judged their performance and corrected them wherever necessary.  This went on up to 1.30pm.   The morning session disbursed for lunch.

Afternoon session started at 2.00pm by a special session on Yoga and Pranayama by Sri. P.K. Ashokan, Dist. Spiritual incharge and yoga master.  Sri. Ashokan beautifully explained and demonstrated various aasanas useful for singers like Ushtram, Vajrasanam etc and he trained children on breathing techniques (pranayamas like Ujjayi, nadi shuddi, bhramari , kapala bhathi etc) which will help one holding breath during singing bhajans.

After yoga session training switched to bhava aspect of singing bhajans.  Again through beautiful big screen ppt presentation Kum. Roshini was successfully able to present bhava aspect in bhajans taking bhajan “Kousalya nandana ram” as an example.  She stressed the importance of visualisation in singing bhajans to get that bhakthi bhava to make everyone happy and there by make lord happy.  This session went on up to 3 pm.


Next training module was on new bhajans.  Together the group presented some bhajans and trained the balavikas children on them.  Around 5 to 6 bhajans were covered.

By 3.30pm this session came to an end.

On final session from 3.30pm team concentrated on conducting a balavikas bhajan by selected students to demonstrate about an ideal bhajan session.

The final session came to an end by Mangalarathi by Smt. Radha teacher, dist. Balavikas joint incharge.

All the bhajan team members and dist active workers put effort hand to hand to make this program a success and it showed the team work of Palakkad organization once again.