Balvikas Summer Camp – Grooming for Excellence

With the immense blessings of our most Beloved Bhagwan, the 16th District Level Balvikas Summer Camp was beautifully conducted at Olavakkode Samithi Mandir from May 11th to May 13th 2018.

By 3:30 pm on the first day (11.5.18), the camp participants that is the balvikas students, Sai youths and Balvikas Gurus reached the Samithi Mandir and they registered for the camp.This with Swami’s Grace, 89 kids from various Balvikas centres in the district participated in the camp.

Day 1 – 11.05.2018

At 5.30 pm, the summer camp which is named as Grooming for Excellence was started with Veda and bhajan led by the balvikas students. By 6.15 pm the formal inauguration ceremony was done by lighting the lamp by the State Vice President Sri AM Prabhakaran Nair, District President Sri AV Suresh Kumar, State Vice Coordinator for Balvikas Smt Radha C.K, Dist. Education Coordinator Smt. Parimala Das, Dist Mahila Spiritual Incharge Smt Sai Preethi and Dist Mahila Youth Incharge Kumari Thrupthika.

By 6.30 pm, the balvikas students started presenting their project on the topic ‘Forget and forgive‘ or ‘if there is righteousness in heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there will peace in the world‘. . The presentations were done through songs, role plays, charts, skits etc.

This was followed by the results and dinner at 8.15 p.m. After this, an ice breaking session was given for the kids and they were divided among eight different groups and they were given one Balvikas guru as Amma to take care of them and one mahila youth as observer.

By 9 pm, the SVP gave a brief idea about the summer camp, its importance and the discipline which each student has to scrupulously follow while being in the camp. He also added about the home work to be done in before going for bed. The first day was concluded at 9.30 pm by singing the camp song.

Day 2 – 12.05.2018

The children were given an insight about the Surya Namaskar, Jyothir Dhyanam and Yoga by Dist. Spiritual In charge by Sri PK Asokan. This was followed by Nagar sankeerthan and Temple Visit. The Panchamathakkal (5 mothers) were discussed with the kids by the Swamiji. The kids were back to the Mandir after the Vriksha Pooja.

After breakfast children were then directed to read and study the charts, which were prepared by Balavikas students of different units based on the topic ‘Japam, Dhyanam, Bhajan and Nagarasangeerthanam ‘. Quiz competition was held from 8.30am to 9.00am under the supervision of Smt Radha Teacher, Smt. Sai Preethi and Kum. Haritha. The real aim of the session was to provide a glimpse of SAI’s teachings and to instil thoughtfulness in their mind.

Later, children were assigned to perform an activity through Web Charting connected to the topic ‘Panchamathakkal‘. Before the presentations, a brief introduction was given by Sri Gopalakrishnan master and it was well organised by Smt. Radha teacher and Sai youth. All the presentations touched the core meaning of the topic and was very informative. Later on results were announced for various project presentations and was followed by wonderful lunch.

Next session began with the camp song. The topic for the next session was ‘Group III is not an end, It is just a starting point’. The session was led by 8 Balvikas Alumni from different units of the district. All the Sai youth were talked about the importance of being a balvikas student and a Sai youth. The experiences shared by each of them were inspirational.  The session came to a conclusion at 4.00pm. For next two hours the students had fun time which included different value based games. This energized the students and gave immense pleasure. Fun time concluded with Bhajan Antakshari and Bhajan quiz.

The next session began at 7.30pm which was led by Sri A.M Prabhakaran Nair, SVP. The session was about the ‘Importance of Sandhya Vandana’. The session concluded with many chants and slokas. Everyone dispersed for prasadam thereafter.

The last and the final part of the second day was the most awaited camp fire which was led by the balvikas alumni. The session was very energetic and all the students enjoyed a lot. With a song and night prayer the camp fire was concluded. Everyone retired for the day.

Final day – 13.05.18

The final day began with reverberating Omkaram, Suprabhatam and Nagarasangeerthan. This was continued by ‘Go Pooja’. The day began with a speech on ‘Annam Oushadam‘ by Smt. Dr. Ranjusha, Assistant Professor. ‘The team against social evils’ was the next topic. Mr Gopakumar, DC covered the topic in a unique way. The next session was led by the guest speaker Sri Prasanth, State Zonal In Charge.

After the session given by the guest speaker, it was the time for the kids to implement their ideas relating to the practical aspect of the knowledge that they have acquired in the past two days . This was done through a lively discussion regarding the centenary celebrations of Bhagwan and also on the topic ‘What they will become in future or how they will serve the organisation in future’. The discussion was exemplary good and kids came out with various ideas to be implemented in the next 7 years and these were kept at Thy Lotus Feet. This was followed by an informal meeting of their kids with theirs camp Mother’s (Amma) and the morning session concluded with a sumptuous lunch.

The afternoon session commenced at 2 pm by the SVP which was a session generally meant for the parents of the summer camp participants who came all the way to meet their kids in the camp. He mainly focussed on the Importance of Balvikas in the present world and he made a point to make the parents promise to Bhagwan to send their kids to Balvikas classes regularly.

In this session, students also shared their feedback , two day experience and it was indeed a  heart touching moment for all. After this,  3 girls Ms. Abhirami A , Ms Sowmya and Ms. Priyamvada who got admission at SSSIHL Anantapur Campus were introduced to the audience.

Ms. Abhirami A was selected as the Best Balvikas Student in the year and she was also the topper in the group 2 Balvikas examination for the year. She was awarded a trophy for winning the same. This was followed by the prize distribution to the kids who had won prizes in the various competitions held during the three day camp.

The Camp came to a successful conclusion with Mangala Aarathi followed by Prasadam Distribution.