Balvikas Summer Camp 2017

With  the divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 15th District level Balavikas Summer Camp was held in Olavakkode Samithi from 12th May 2017 to 14th May 2017. The registration of Balavikas students and Gurus started from 3.00pm. As a token of gift from our beloved Swami, 92 selected students from different units attended the two days residential camp.
1st day -12th May 2017 
The camp began with lightning of lamp by District President, Sri.A.V.Sureshkumar, State Balavikas Coordinator Smt.Radha Teacher, District Educational Incharge Smt.Parimala Das,District Mahila Coordinator Smt.Sai Preethi, District Mahila Youth Incharge Kum.Tripthika and Sri Arun Das at 3.30 pm and each of them addressed the gathering. From 4.00pm to 5.00pm each unit were allotted time for final discussion of their project presentation. Balavikas students offered Veda followed by Bhajan at the lotus feet of our Sai Maa from 5.00pm to 6.00pm. After that, State Vice President Sri. A.M Prabhakaran gave a motivational and inspirational briefing about the camp and future leaders of SAI. That made students to pull up their socks and to put their best shot throughout the camp. From 6.30pm to 7.45pm each unit showed their excellence through their project presentation which was based on the topics ‘Start Early,Drive Slowly, Reach Safely ‘ and Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava. The messages conveyed through presentation were soothing to eyes and mind. The students were inspired to be more enthusiastic through an ice breaking session(Baloon Game)under the leadership of Smt. Radha Teacher and all Sai Youth.  Camp song was taught to the children by Sai Youth followed by delightful dinner. After the dinner the  camp was divided into 9 groups and each group were gifted with a mother. Bhajan Prashnothari was conducted from 8.45 pm to 9.00pm. The session was very interesting and it evoked the importance and essence of learning  bhajans. Then,  Smt. Sai Preethi taught a melodious bhajan and the day came to an end by camp song.
Second Day 13th May 2017
All the children started their day by chanting Omkaram and Suprabhatham at 5.00am. The children were then taught about the importance of Soorya Namaskar, Jyothir Dhyanam and Yoga by Sri.P.K Athokan, District Spiritual Incharge. After breakfast children were then directed to read and  study the charts, which were prepared by Balavikas students of different units based on the topic ‘Ceiling On Desires ‘. Quiz competition was held from 8.30am to 9.00am under the supervision of Smt Radha Teacher and Kum.Tripthika. The real aim of the session was to provide a glimpse of SAI’s teachings and to instill thoughtfulness in their minds. Vidhya Gopala Manthrarchana       was offered to Swami under the guidance of Smt. Parimala Das from 9.45am to 10.15am. Children offered the archana at the lotus feet with their full devotion and dedication which will help them to overcome the obstacles in their studies and to be success in all walks of their lives. After that each group chanted Mathrupanchakam as a part of their Home Work Presentation which signified the greatness of mother.  Subsequently, Sri Prasanth took over the camp and energized the children through an ice breaking session at 11.30am. It pointed out the importance of teamwork, coordination and time management. Later, children were assigned to perform an activity through Web Charting connected to the topic ‘Paropakarartham Idham Shareeram ‘. Before the presentations, a brief introduction was given by Smt.Radha Teacher and it was well organised by Kum.Tripthika and Kum.Haritha. All the presentations touched the core meaning of the topic and was very informative. Later on results were announced for various project presentations and was followed by wonderful lunch.
Next session began with the camp song. The topic for the next session was ‘ How to become ideal Balvikas student and Sai  youth’. The session was led by Ms Thruptika and Mrs Sai Preethi. The introduction of the topic continued with the involved discussion by all the balvikas students in their respective groups. After 30 minutes of discussion each group presented their ideas in the form of charts, conversation, role play etc and the message was well conveyed. The session came to a conclusion at 3. 45pm. For next two hours the students had fun time which included different value based games. This energized the students and gave immense pleasure. The fun time concluded at 6.30pm. The next session began at 6.45pm which was led by Sri A.M Prabhakaran Nair, SVP. The session was about the importance of  Sandhyavandana. The session concluded with many chants and slokas.
The next session entitled ‘Sai hai jeevan jeevan Sathya Sai ‘ was an unforgettable experience for the students as over 25 of their elder balvikas brothers and​ sisters shared their experiences as balvikas students. The students were moved by listening to the alumni. The session continued for half an hour. Everyone dispersed for prasadam thereafter.
The last and the final part of the second day was the most awaited camp fire which was led by the balvikas alumni. The session was very energetic and all the students enjoyed a lot. With a song and night prayer the camp fire was concluded. Everyone retired for the day.
Final Day
The final day began with reverberating omkaram, suprabhatam and nagarasangeerthan. This was continued by visiting a nearby temple. The day began with the service activity done at Hemambika school by the balvikas students. This  charged the children and they could share their experiences for the next session. The team against social evils was the next topic. Mr Gopakumar ,DC covered the topic in an unique way. The next  session was led by the guest speaker Adv. Mr. M.K. Sakeer, Kerala PSC Chairman.
The guest shared many of his experiences with the students and also explained many aspects of different examinations. His readiness to answer the students encouraged them to ask more questions. It was a rare moment for the students. He concluded by telling about the time management. After the guest speaker it was the time for the practical application of the knowledge that they acquired in two days. It was discussion about the future also the Centenary celebration of Bhagwan. The discussion went on for more than an hour and the presentation was excellent. The students came up with many ideas for next 8 years also offered their decisions at swami’s lotus feet. They took a pledge to be an ideal Balvikas student and dispersed for prasadam thereafter. The afternoon session was a combined session for the participants and the balvikas alumni. The session took place in the presence of the parents of the participants. One of the alumni shared his experiences and views to the students and parents and this proved the greatness of balvikas. The concluding session was for the parents and SVP interacted with them. They were told about the importance of balvikas in the present time and also made them decide that their ward would attend balvikas class regularly. This was continued by the distribution of the prizes for various competitions held in the two days. The balvikas alumni decisions were offered to swami.
The Balvikas summer camp 2017 concluded with Mangala Aarati and prasadam distribution.