Balvikas – Follow up Camp

A balvikas follow up camp (for those who had attended the summer camp) was organized by the Education wing of Sai deep.

The session started with veda chanting by the balvikas kids. Sri A V Suresh kumar, DP, SSSSO Palakkad gave away the inaugural speech which was followed by a small speech by Smt. Parimala Das, senior BV guru, Palakkad district.


Sri A M Prabhakaran, SVP took over the session then. The topic was ‘Matha pitha guru daivam’. It was indeed a motivational class for all the kids. All looked very excited and the session was very interactive. The students then asked to pen down something about their parents in a white paper.

After a short break, the kids were asked to line up for a value game. The game was all about putting the ball inside the basket in one pitch. It was nice to see the children playing with full enthusiasm, BV gurus also were given chances to win the game. The funniest part was, except one girl all others failed to put the ball on target. The game taught them the importance of Concentration on doing things. It became an eye opener for all the kids.

The next session was handled by Ms. Navya, a BV students from Pattambi Samithi. It was a chart presentation which really showed her interest in the spiritual activities as well as her speaking capability in this younger age. She is going to be a real asset for the organization.

Miss. Roshni R Menon handled the next session, which was all about ‘Panja Sheelas’. Using PPT, she very well explained the panja sheelas and panja papas. The children were repeatedly asked by the SVP to loudly say the Panja sheelas and Panja Papaas.


Post lunch session started with a quiz competition. There were 21 questions for the Balvikas children, simple but important questions. All participated well, the students were shouting the answers which proved the capability of their Guru and her teachings. Miss. Sai Preethi handled the last session in which she shared some beautiful examples and experiences she had in her life. All looked slack-jawed after hearing her experiences.

3 to 5 students shared their feedback about the day and the fun they had during the camp. SVP again asked the students to repeat the Panja sheelas and Panja Paapaas.


The function came to the conclusion by 3.30PM by offering mangalarathi to our beloved Swami !!