Balvikas Conference – Chittur

A one day balvikas conference was conducted a Chittur samithi hall on August 7th 2016. Out off 150 students, the coordinators selected 50 students and the camp was conducted exclusively for them.


The theme of this conference was ‘DO NOT WASTE ANYTHING, BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS GOD‘. The session started with veda chanting and a soothing bhajan session by the Balvikas children. The vibration produced by the children chanting vedam was spectacular which was followed by an inspiring talk by Sri S Hari, State in Charge for SSSVIP, on the theme of the conference. It was presented with various stories and conversation of Swami with students.

After the session they took a vow that they will not waste anything in their life. A video show on the Life of Vivekananda  was shown in which the childhood stories of Vivekananda was depicted. It made a great impact on the children. As we are celebrating Ramayanamaasa,  a quiz competition on Ramayana was also organized by making them into groups. There had a discussion on the progress cards and also the importance of participating in Summer camps. They will be given special training on various scriptures.

The main attraction of the conference was the sharing of the transformation stories of balvikas students. One of the Group II students, Ms. Abirami talked about how she used to make her friends learn the Indian Culture which she herself portrays in her life. One of her practices is to write Swami’s beautiful quotes in blackboard in her class. It was noticed by her teacher and appreciated her efforts. Also the teacher was very much impressed by the sayings. Another student,Giljith,talked about how Balvikas changed his vision towards all spheres of life. Being a village boy he was not at all interested in the initial stages. He used to run away from such programs in the Rural Balvikas. He also mentioned that he was a very weak student in the school but now he received a cash prize for the highest scored student in his class. More than that he was a very disobedient son towards his mother but now he loves to serve her through out his life. Both of them took a vow to serve Swami through the Organisation.

The conference was offered at the lotus feet of our beloved Swami with mangalarathi !!!