Balvikas Alumni Meet 2018

With immense blessings of Bhagwan, we could offer the second Balavikas alumni meet at swami’s lotus feet. Over 45 alumnus had participated on 13th May. Sri A.M Prabhakaran, State vice president, Sri A V Suresh Kumar, district president inaugurated the function. Balavikas alumni co ordinator Sri Ratheesh gave the introduction to the meeting.
The following are the minutes of the meeting.
A quick recap of the last years alumni activities done were discussed by Sri Arundas.
• The further discussion was based on the activities to be done before the golden jubilee of Balvikas, which is in the year 2019
• The alumni discussed different ways to strengthen and expand the balvikas classes.
• As there is lots of possibilities to improve the balvikas classes using many resources, the balvikas alumni has decided to create a ‘Balavikas resource bank‘  which will include all the possible resources (stories, games, ice breakers, activities, charts, songs, etc) for a guru to make a balavikas class interesting.
• For the easy and quick functioning of the balvikas resource bank, the alumni has distributed themselves in 3 groups where their talents and skills can be used.
• To improve the participation and to inspire ourselves, we have decided a particular time to meet online and discuss about the functionalities of our group.
• As Implementing the resource bank in all the balvikas classes maynot be an ideal way, we have observed 5 centers which has the scope of improvement ( Olavakkad, Puduppariyaram, Parithipully, Ottappalam, Pattambi).
• Respective Alumni from the above mentioned centers will take up the balavikas once in a month also contact the respective balavikas gurus every week. They will discuss the possibilities of different methods with the guru and inspire guru to implement the new idea in every class.
•  With the strengthening the alumni will expand the balvikas classes, by starting more balavikas classes in different areas.
• We also discussed about Sri Sathya Sai Job Helpline especially for the balvikas alumni also 2nd and 3rd group balavikas children.
• As there are lots of work streams around us and children are aware of a few of them, the balavikas alumni would like to give the awareness classes on different sectors ( by the expert on that particular sector) as the children can choose according to their ability and skills after the 12th std.
• As preparation of CV is very important part  in seeking job, alumni would like to help in making a good CV.
• As a part of seeking job, performance in the interview is very important. The alumni has an idea to conduct the mock interview for the ones who seek the job so that they can be improve themselves.
We believe, by holding Swami’s hand we can achieve our goals. As all of are His selected army, and Swami our Leader, we March fearlessly, frightlessly towards swami with Swami.
 With this conclusion, the session was closed with mangala aarati and prasadam thereafter.