Attappadi – TDP – Evaluation

SSSSO Palakkad visited Attappadi Koodanchalla village on May 8, 2017.
Details below.
  1. Entire village participated in the discussion.
  2. All the villagers wholeheartedly accepted the big and primary  activity- health and Hygiene with Bhagwans grace.
  3. The review of the activities Hygiene awareness team.
  4. The health and Hygiene card were distributed to each and every household.
  5. The second phase of distribution of health and Hygiene kit was completed.
  6. The health and hygienic activities to be undertaken till December 2017 was discussed with the villagers and decisions were made for the same.
  7. The activity for the month of May 2017 is to eliminate the waste from the households.
Its very heartening to say that all the villagers have arise for a Clean Village programme.