Attappadi – TDP – Clean Village, Happy Village

With immense grace of bhagwan the sevadals reached the destination by 7 am and continued their various seva activities like
1. Clean and mesmerizing village.
2. Cleaning up and painting the houses.
3. The drinking water program for the solitary houses which did not have the water facility.
 It was a proud moment to witness the people in the village cleaning their houses tirelessly. This was a dream program which came true. Rather spending lots of money for mere development of the village, it would be the best what anyone can give the people, if they could be envisaged on the importance of healthy lifestyle.
It was a magical moments for the sevadals to find the people in the village thrilled and enlightend as each family invited the sevadals to see their homes. The people were so anxious to show how they cleaned their houses and how they discarded the unwanted things. The monthly remarks has been given to each family in their respective progress cards.
The children in the village were given a value book named ‘Amma thanna daivam‘. Children have decided to read them turn wise. More over, when they were asked to present the content of the given book for next time, they readily nodded a yes. Children were also taught to take padanamaskar of their mothers.
These changes in the village has been attained in just 50 days. It is very delightful to see  ever ready people in the village to get transformed.