Annual Report – 2015

Due to Swami’s infinite blessings, we the devotees of palakkad district could do so many activities in the year 2015. It was a busy year for all the office bearers of all samithies, but our beloved bhagwan gave us enough strength to plan and execute every activity that we had planned in the annual camp – 2015. Giving a brief description about the activities ‘Swami executed’ through all of us in all wings of the SSSSO Palakkad.


  1. To bring back old devotees to the samithies and strengthen the samithies, we decided to celebrate first Thursday of every month as ‘Poorna Bhajan Day’.
  2. District meetings changed to Sadhana camps.
  3. 2 District level kudumba sangamam for which the average participation was 350 people.
  4. 85hrs akhand bhajan in connection with swami’s 90th birth day and also global akhand bhajan which was unit level.
  5. Sri sathya sai Sapthaha Yagna was conducted in the month of November which was 4th in the district and 15th in the state level.
  6. A photo print of 9 point code of conduct which was installed at all samithies, were made into small miniatures and distributed among all devotees for the constant integrated awareness.
  7. Inaugurated 2 Parenting Institutions which conducts parenting sessions, vocational training etc.,
  8. successfully conducted all regular samithi activities like study circles, nagarasankirtan, sadhana camps, Mahila day activities, publication activities, Parthi yathra and also 90th b’day celebrations.


  1. With infinite blessings of Swami, we conducted 203 educare sessions in different schools and formed value clubs in some schools.
  2. Power speech competitions for the high school and higher secondary students and the topic was ‘My dreams about My India’.
  3. 2 Future Leader Incubation Program (FLIP) by SSSSO Palakkad.
  4. Summer camp for balvikas students in which around 60 selected balvikas students participated.
  5. Organized 2 EHV Seminars at different places of Palakkad.


  1. Eye camp centers (Monthly) – 2
  2. Medical centers – 7
  3. Premayogana Families – 67
  4. SSSVIP villages – 3
  5. Gramaseva Villages – 4
  6. Also regular seva activities like narayana seva, cleaning programs, mobile medical camps etc.,